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OddSoul's scanner finds discrepancies across bookies and identifies positive expected value (EV) bets.

Real time alerts

OddSoul's Discord bot notifies you as it finds +EV bets. Each notification contains data about why it is likely to be profitable over the long term.

  • Multiple supported bookmakers and sports
  • Offered odds, Fair odds, and other bookmaker odds
  • Optimized bet sizing with EV % & Kelly Criterion
  • Timeline view of odds to identify sharp bookies
  • Customizable notifications per bookie

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected value?

Expected value predicts a variable’s value by summing possible outcomes multiplied by their probabilities. In betting, EV gauges a bettor's anticipated wins or losses per bet at consistent odds. For a bettor, making consistent +EV bets means profit over time. The formula to calculate EV is: (Winning amount * Win probability) - (Losing amount * Loss probability)

What value of EV does OddSoul aim for?

Pick thresholds vary by markets - player props picks have atleast 3.5% EV, while mainlines have atleast 2% EV.

What sports are supported?

Currently OddSoul supports American Football (NCAAF and NFL), Basketball (NBA and NCAAB) and Ice Hockey (NHL). More sports are being added gradually.

What bookmakers are supported?

Currently OddSoul supports BetMGM, BetOnline, BetRivers, Bovada, Caesars, DraftKings, ESPN Bet, FanDuel, Fliff, Hard Rock, PointsBet/Fanatics and UniBet.

What markets are supported?

Currently OddSoul supports Moneyline, Point spread, Totals and Player Props. More markets are being added gradually.